We’re back! Welcome to Made By Women 2 – which travels to eight cities in India in April-May 2005.

This year, our gaze has widened and so has the festival. The second edition of Made By Women includes not just features - but also documentaries, animation and short films. All award-winning works in their own genres. All made by women.

a still from 'Day I became a woman'Made By Women 2 presents films from many countries: Iran, Finland, Israel, Norway, France, Australia, England, Germany, U.S.A. – and of course, India. Our filmmakers range from seasoned exponents to artists experimenting with new, innovative formats to accomplished film school students.

They focus their lens on many different realities: life in a barber shop, father-son relationships, the world of underground musicians, love between two women, art history and the unconscious... More than being ‘women filmmakers’ (whatever that term may mean), they are filmmakers: exploring their own, unique visions and voices through the medium of cinema.

Every year, Made By Women pays tribute to a pioneering woman director – and this year is no different. We are particularly pleased to present Harlequin, a film by Lotte Reiniger, one of the pioneers of animation film. With each edition of Made By Women, we hope to bring to light unknown contributions made by women in the early days of cinema. And we hope to continue to celebrate the vision, spirit and drive of women in film.

So here it is, Made By Women 2, served up with delight and satisfaction, despite some bumps along the way. Enjoy!

Bishakha Datta
Festival Director
Meenakshi Shedde
Festival Advisor
Anuja Ghosalkar
Festival Co-ordinator
Aditi Mittal
Festival Co-ordinator

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